Olympic Fencing with Tony Aspinall

Train agility, balance, footwork, and coordination while learning fencing!

Fencing is one of the oldest and safest Olympic sports. Coordination, speed, and agility are just a few of the qualities this sport requires of its participants. Successful fencers must be capable of mounting powerful driving attacks as well as making subtle and crafty defenses. In a sport often called physical chess, intellect and brawn are of equal importance. A good fencer must be focused and clever enough to conceive and execute calculated moves in fractions of a second.

Participants will learn the basics of fencing through games and drills in a fun and engaging environment. Students and will proceed from blade work to introductory priority and bouts.

The courses are taught by Tony Aspinall, a Shoreline native and graduate of Shorewood HS. He has previously taught fencing at the YMCA and Washington State University. Tony was the WSU fencing club president for two years and competed at Div II and Div III nationals in 2010.

For additional information contact info@getstrongfirst.com or call (206)542-4833.