Seattle Fall Hammer/ Weight Throw Series 2019

Hosted by Pacific Northwest USATF Association
Seattle Masters Athletic Club
Get Strong First

West Seattle Stadium
4432 35th Ave SW
Seattle, Washington 98126

10:00 High School M&W hammer
10:45 High School M&W weight
11:30 Open/ Masters M&W hammer
12:15 Open/ Masters M&W weight


Men and women may compete together in each event depending on entries.

High school athletes may compete in the Open/Masters hammer and weight as well as the High school hammer and weight.

The Open/ Masters competitions will be using college and Masters appropriate implements.

Meet implements are available.
All personal implements must present for inspection and impounding: High School – 9:00, Open/Masters 10:00

High School no later than 9:30am
Open/ Masters athletes should check in no later than 11:00am

General Information:
Events may start up to 30 minutes earlier.

High school athletes must be 15 years of age before 1/1/2020.
If an athlete will meet the 15 years of age by 1/1/2020 and is not in high school yet they may enter the meet under the high school and Open/ Masters events.

All athletes must have USATF current membership

All athletes under age 18 must have parental signed waiver.

All entries must be executed online. No day of meet entries. Deadline for entries will be the Tuesday prior to each meet at 11:59pm except 9/1 meet has been extended to 8/29 at 11:59pm

This is a USATF Sanctioned series

Fee schedule is as follows;
1st event $10, additional events $5 each. There will be no refunds except if a meet is cancelled.

Questions, George Mathews, 208-691-0193

All Participants and parents of minors, MUST sign both USATF Participants Waiver and Release of Liability form and meet waiver form