What is Get Strong First?

Get Strong First is a strength training, conditioning, and sports performance facility located in Shoreline, WA. It’s a place where athletes and non-athletes of all skill levels can come and work hard to improve themselves physically and mentally. Strength is the foundation for what we do. We strive to provide superior coaching and an elite training experience that is consistent with our philosophy and values. The programs that we create are built with a goal oriented focus and the exercises are intended to serve a purpose for sport or for everyday life. In all, our utmost priority is to help you achieve your goals.

What do we do?

We coach movement-based training, are technically focused, and teach strength as a skill that can be learned.

All of our workouts are coached sessions in which members do a group warm up, a prescribed daily workout, and mobility/ stretching exercises. The workouts are tailored to the training group and have various progressions and personalized elements based on the skill level and goals of each individual. Members are given training journals to track workouts and record their progress in the gym.

  • Dynamic workouts
  • Coached sessions
  • Goal-oriented
  • Community atmosphere
  • Results
We are a movement based training system with strength development at the core – we train movement not exercises or muscles. Quality of movement patterns is used as a basis for everything that we teach.
Introduce the 7 basic movement patterns: squat, hinge/ bend, push, pull, lunge, twist, and gait/ combination

Progress through our training hierarchy: re-habilitation (get healthy), pre-habilitation (stay healthy), flexibility, stability, hypertrophy, strength, stamina, power, speed

Develop the 5 biomotor elements: strength, speed, coordination, endurance, flexibility/ mobility

At Get Strong First, we strive to make elite training, coaching, equipment, and facilities available to all of our members. We aim to facilitate our members’ desire to improve themselves through innovative, creative, and fun training methodologies. The reputation of our gym starts with that of our employees and will grow through hard work and dedication to our craft without compromise to our values. Our intent is to appeal to athletes and non-athletes of all ages and skill levels alike – our unique environment and innate ability to foster hard work as means to one’s goals will set us apart from the competition. At GSF, the success of our members will always precede the success of our business. It’s not about where you start, it’s where you finish that matters.