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What Do Our Members Have To Say?

We’re passionate about the long-term success of our athletes. Training is a process – it’s not about where you start, it’s where you finish that matters – and we take pride in all of our members and their accomplishments.

“This is the place you want to be for peace of mind to train and get better at whatever you want your your body to do. Peace of mind because the trainers know what they are doing and tailor the program for you, all you have to do is show up and have a goal. My 5 stars is not because how awesome Lance and Kelley are or the environment but because the program values the most important thing that keeps all of us functioning beyond our goals… Healthy lifestyle!”
Caressa Sims, USA Track & Field

“Before training with Lance and Kelley I was an underwhelming athlete and had no clue what hard work meant. After two years, they have and continue to push me to levels of achievement I never would have thought possible. They have a wealth of knowledge and can train you for any sport or activity you can think of. They truly are committed to your success and will go way out of their way to help you achieve whatever it is your goals are. I know when I’m home, Get Strong First is the place I’ll be doing all my training at.”
College Athlete, NCAA Football

“GSF has been critical in my development into a college athlete. Working with Lance and Kelley in their amazing new facility, I have become stronger and more explosive, as well as more technically proficient with my lifts. Although my GSF training program extended outside of the weight room as well. During my senior season in high school, Lance coached me to a state title in the discus. With their combined experience with many different sports, Lance and Kelley have the expertise to customize a training program to best suit a wide variety of athletes. And with their experience, they know what it takes to compete at a high level. I count myself lucky to have become connected with Lance and Kelley. My time with GSF has been great, and I plan to continue training here during breaks and off-seasons to come.”
College Athlete, Ivy League Track & Field
“This is a gym for athletes concerned about quick twitch muscles and athleticism, not your typical fitness center. The vibe is unlike any other gym in the greater Seattle area geared towards competitive athletes striving to reach the next level. I have been working with the Neubauers for over 5 years now and can honestly say I can credit them for the success I have had physically and the work ethic they have instilled in me, not to mention preparing me for collegiate workouts and competition. Get Strong First has an environment set up for determined and hungry athletes to prepare themselves for competition at any level, I will surely continue to workout there as well as recommend this gym to my teammates, family, and friends.”
College Athlete, D1 Baseball

“Get Strong First has allowed me to continue my athletic training to get to the next level and thrive. With the training Lance and Kelley have given me I have improved movement patterns and overall strength, thus making my training at college that much more simple. With these two training you there is no doubt big improvements will be made to the everyday person’s body and athletic form.”
College Athlete, PAC-12 Baseball

“Get Strong First did more than enough to prepare me for my experience at college – a lot of girls didn’t even know what weights we had to do and how to do them. Many freshman didn’t follow the packet over the summer so I’m thankful that I got introduced to weightlifting by the best. Lance and his crew not only prepared me physically, but mentally I felt comfortable to do what was being asked. They taught me to be motivated and determined to better myself. Being confident is definitely key, and I thank Lance so much for always believing and pushing me. So far I’m keeping up with my teammates, and am even making progress as I go. I love this experience of playing college ball so far, even after enduring all of the big obstacles and challenges that I am faced with on a day-to-day basis. Thank you :)”
College Athlete, D1 Soccer