Starting 9/30:

• Same class duration (70ish min)

• 90 minutes between classes to reduce overlapping traffic

Parking diagram

• Classes capped at 9 (pre-register online to save your spot!)

Classes open for registration two weeks in advance and you may cancel your reservation up to 2hr before class start.

Save a place using or download the Mindbody app and add us to your favorites!

• Updated names & improved programming – everyone is an athlete!

GSF (formerly functional strength)
Focus: performance training for endurance athletes, youth, weekend warriors and everyday adults.
Primary outcomes: strength in all planes, movement quality, durability, stability & balance.
Workouts may include: a variety of lower body, upper body and core exercises plus energy systems training.

GSF X (formerly sports performance)
Focus: performance training for explosive athletes (sprinters, jumpers, throwers, football, baseball, etc.)
Primary outcomes: maximal strength & rapid force production.
Workouts may include: Olympic lifts, plyometrics, 1RM testing, velocity-based training.

• COMING SOON: coached open gym sessions, unsupervised gym access

**feedback is welcome – we’ll adjust future schedules as needed**