We missed a couple months, but we’re back with a double feature! This month, we profiled the dynamic mother-daughter derby duo, Mikki & Luna. Aside from killer genetics, the thing that sets these athletes apart from the competition is their dedication and drive to dominate all aspects of training. After seeing these two compete in the weight room, I can only imagine what family game night is like…

Luna’s RCRG all-star team, currently ranked 11th in the world, is in St. Louis this weekend for a tournament with top ranked teams in the nation. Mikki’s team, the SDB Galaxy Girls, is fresh off a repeat victory in the NW regional tournament and will travel to Nebraska in July defend their national championship title.

Keep reading to see their answers to the only question that actually matters: WHO IS STRONGER?!

Name: Mikki Dysart
Nickname: Fistfight, Figtea
Age: 15
Day job/ profession: School

Name: Patrice Davis
Nickname: Luna
Age: 39
Day job/ profession: Advisor. Employment-Assisting people to access education and training to gain employment

What are your hobbies/ activities/ sports?
Mikki: I play soccer and roller derby
Luna: Roller Derby, Reading, Eating, Dancing, Sleeping
What do you do in your free time?
M: Usually watch tv or go to alki (I live close to there)
L: Eat and Sleep.
Favorite food?
M: Ice Cream!!!!
L: Meat, Ice Cream, Sugar, banana pudding
Favorite beverage?
M: Sprite
L: Juice
What’s your spirit animal?
M: Lion, I’m a Leo so I figure it’s fitting.
L: Peacock

Achievements and accolades (athletic and/ or non-athletic)?
M: Honor roll, Northwest regional champs MVP
L: *editor’s note: we can presume that Luna declined to answer because there are too many to name
What are your goals/ why do you train?
M: I hope to one day become a top jammer of WFTDA. I train to be the strongest and fastest on the track and to be the best player I can be.
L: I train because I love it.
What motivates you?
M: Whenever I watch adult derby I get inspired to elevate my game to their level. I may be a junior now but I want to be able to beat the best competition.
L: The younger skaters motivate me. The kids that skate are SO good. They are so athletic and strong. The kids have skills on skates that I have never seen.
One piece of advice for someone training and working towards a goal?
M: If things get tough, that means you are doing something right. Rather than go slower push harder.
L: If you are working towards a goal, keep pushing. Don’t let others take you off your path.

What do you like best about GSF?
M: At GSF I get workouts built to help me improve my sport by passionate people. It isn’t easy finding trainers who can help me improve my game at a more ametuer sport but Lance and Kelley have become some of the best.
L: The personal training that we get and the comfortable environment to lift. Lance and Kelley get to know each of their members on a personal level. There are times when Lance can see that I am struggling and he knows what to say and what workout to give me. Kelley is always pushing us and encouraging us to lift more and go outside of our comfort zones. The way that they push and encourage their athletes is amazing. They care so much.
How long have you been with GSF?
M: Two and a half years
L: 2 years
One favorite moment or experience you’ve had at GSF?
M: When I first was able to deadlift over 200 lbs. It really opened my eyes to how strong I could be and how much stronger i wanted to become.
L: My favorite moment is watching other athletes reach a potential they did not know they could reach. Young kids lifting as much as adults. People doing multiple pull ups when they did not believe they could do a single pull up. It’s so inspiring.
Favorite exercise or favorite workout?
M: Sleds!!
L: I love the power lifts. Cleans, Snatches.
Least favorite exercise or workout?
M: Front squats or Lunges.
L: The bike. I hate doing intervals on the bike. And front squats.

What is your favorite part about training with your mom/ daughter?
M: I get to mess with her all the time and make fun of her when she is slacking
L: My favorite part about training with Mikki is watching how strong she is. Sometimes, she gets fire in her eyes, and I can see her challenging herself. That challenges me and we get to grow together.
What is your least favorite part about training with your mom/ daughter?
M: She is always finding new ways to mess with me
L: When she thinks she beats me. She makes me push harder. Sometimes she matches the weight that I am lifting. I then get super competitive and have to put on more weight.
Any special mom/ daughter memories at GSF?
M: When we pulled each other on the slides with the bands. When I pulled her she fell off the slides and got dragged and when she pulled me I fell sideways and snapped her in the butt. She totally deserved it though!
L: Once I had to pull Mikki behind me with a giant band wrapped around my waist and she let go and it snapped me in the butt.
Who is stronger???
M: She could be if she wasn’t such a slackerrrr!!!! But really she probably is. Whenever I get close to her weight she will one up me and 20 pounds like its nothing.
L: I am, for now….