It’s that time of year again when our athletes wrap up summer training and head off to college ready for their next chapter. Sometimes we feel like empty nest parents :( but they have to grow up some time. We wanted to give one of our longest tenured members, Emily Christner, some shine as she starts school at Cal Poly. Her positive energy and unrelenting drive will be greatly missed during our sports performance training sessions. Now that she’s in college, who will take over as Box Jump Queen at GSF? Read her profile for the story on how she beat Caressa to claim the title:

Name: Emily Christner
Nickname: Em, Em&m, Emery, Christner
Age: 18
Day job/ profession: Full time student at Cal Poly, Hostess at Patty’s Eggnest
Favorite food? Tacos
Favorite beverage? Water or lemonade

What are your hobbies/ activities/ sports? Pole vault, lifting, hiking
What do you do in your free time? Sleep because usually I have no free time.
Achievements and accolades (athletic and/ or non-athletic)? 2008 National Champion in Taekwondo Sparring, State level Pole vaulter, Graduated high school with a 4.0
What are your goals/ why do you train? I used to train to improve my pole vaulting. Now I “train” or lift because I love doing it and I love exercising.
What motivates you? When someone tells me, I can’t do something or when someone makes me angry.
One piece of advice for someone training and working towards a goal? Do not allow others to limit you. Believe in your abilities.

What do you like best about GSF? I love the people and the atmosphere. I can never be in a bad mood at GSF.
How long have you been with GSF? Almost 2 years
One favorite moment or experience you’ve had at GSF? I can’t get it down to one, so I’m going to go against the question and choose two. The time when I beat Caressa at box jumps is one of my favorites. She is such an amazing athlete and she inspires me to work hard for my goals. I couldn’t believe that I could even compete with her. The other time is when Poun was pulling Tyler with a band and Tyler fell causing him to let go and snap Poun in the butt. I got a good laugh out of that.
Favorite exercise or favorite workout? Inverted core with the moon boots or hang cleans
Least favorite exercise or workout? SNATCHES

Superstitions/ quirks/ ticks? There is nothing I hate more than being late.
Most impressive physical feat? Pole vaulting over 11 ft. I never have worked so hard for something like I did for pole vault before.
Craziest thing you’ve done? I accidently broke someone’s ankle playing soccer.
Funny/ painful/ crazy weight room blunder/ moment/ story? There are too many. I’m always somehow falling or hitting myself with something.

Advice for your past self? Don’t let your head get to you
Advice for your future self? Don’t lose focus