From a coach’s perspective, Tim’s development at GSF can be seen in two main areas: physical progress and mental approach. He’s just now starting to actualize his potential as an elite hammer prospect and much of his improvement can be attributed to physical and mental maturation. Want proof? check out this video of his snatch from November 2014.

Tim is coming off an indoor season in which he threw the 9th best mark all-time in Washington and is out to an early state lead in the hammer throw. He’s looking to build on his 2015 outdoor season in which he won the hammer championship and finished 6th in the discus at the state meet. You can track his progress via

Name: Tim Beard
Nickname: Timmy
Age: 18
Day job/ profession: Construction/Running start student/ Athlete
Favorite food? Meat
Favorite beverage? Milk

What are your hobbies/ activities/ sports? Fishing, Hunting with Lance, Throwing hammer with Caressa, and shooting.
What do you do in your free time? Throw, Eat and Lift
Achievements and accolades (athletic and/ or non-athletic)? 2015 State hammer Champ.
What are your goals/ why do you train? 2016 state hammer champ for high school and get ready for the college season next year. I want to throw 200ft by the end of my freshman year in college.
What motivates you? Losing.
One piece of advice for someone training and working towards a goal? Work with people who know what they are doing and will push you.

What do you like best about GSF? Kelley and Lance are great coaches and motivators. I love training with them and the people who work out at GSF. It’s great to come in and train at higher standard than most other high school athletes and have the opportunity to lift and throw with an Olympic caliber athlete.
How long have you been with GSF? About a year and a half.
One favorite moment or experience you’ve had at GSF? Getting pulled and pulling people on the sleds.
Favorite exercise or favorite workout? Hang cleans.
Least favorite exercise or workout? Front squats and running.

Superstitions/ quirks/ ticks? During the indoor season, I always ate an orange before throwing and I’ve been lifting in the same hat for a year and a half.
Most impressive physical feat? Hang cleaning 265lbs.
Funny/ painful/ crazy weight room blunder/ moment/ story? Smashing my forehead with the bar when doing snatches.