We first met Sam Boone, our featured member for February, when he was just a freshman in high school. Back then, he didn’t care much for the off-season training. Today, it’s his top priority, and his hard work shows. How often is it that you see someone who’s 6’8″ that can squat 350 to parallel for reps? Check out his profile below and catch him on the mound for Shoreline CC on Saturdays this spring (schedule here)!

Name: Sam Boone
Nickname: DJ Boone Ray
Age: 19
Profession: Student
Favorite food: Tri tip steak
Favorite beverage: Water
What’s your spirit animal? Giraffe
Describe yourself in 3 words or less: Tall, clumsy
What are your hobbies/ activities/ sports? Baseball, fishing, hiking
What do you do in your free time? Hike

Achievements & accolades (athletic and/ or non-athletic)? All state baseball junior & senior year, all area junior & senior year
What are your goals/ why do you train? Get drafted, move on to another division 1 school
What motivates you? Being told I’m not good enough
One piece of advice for someone training and working towards a goal: Don’t give up nothing’s out of reach with hard work

How long have you been with GSF? I’ve been with Lance and Kelley since freshmen year of high school (5 years)
What do you like best about GSF? The professional standard they hold everyone too
Favorite moment or experience you’ve had at GSF? The time Kelley had me pull him on a sled

Favorite exercise or favorite workout? Squats
Least favorite exercise or workout? Big hurdles
What’s your pre-workout song? The remix to ignition
What’s your post-workout song? Hold on we’re going home
Who or what inspires you (aka do you have a fitspiration)? The whole Neubauer family

Superstitions/ quirks/ ticks? I always walk around and pace before I lift it gets my body warm
Most impressive physical feat? Squatting 350 pounds 4 times
Craziest thing you’ve done? Playing basketball
Funny/ painful/ crazy training moment? One time my freshmen year of high school I tracked in mud all over the floor and Lance let me have it he made me stay with Kelley and vacuum the weight room

Advice for your past self? Work out hard before your senior year
Advice for your future self? Don’t give up and make those dreams a reality