Since she’s been training with us since Get Strong First was just a couple of squat racks in the back of a cold, dark warehouse, it’s only right that our first member profile features Caressa Sims. When she’s usually with us, Caressa lets the weights do the talking (seriously, she can draw the gym’s attention to watch her next set without saying a word.) This time, she took the minute to answer a few questions and give us some insight into what makes her tick.

Name: Caressa Sims
Nickname: Riz
Age: 29
Profession: Procurement Agent
Favorite food: Rice & Tacos
Favorite beverage: Water
Describe yourself in 3 words or less: Quiet, passionate and tenacious
What are your hobbies/ activities/ sports? Hammer Throw, reading, NPR, Cooking
What do you do in your free time? Relax :-) sit by the fire when it’s cold and by the water when it’s hot

What are your goals/ why do you train? I am training for the 2016 Olympics. I enjoy pushing myself and testing my limits both physically and mentally.
What motivates you? I am motivated by the possibilities that I can continuously improve at what I do.
One piece of advice for someone training and working towards a goal: Keep a journal and capture your experience.

How long have you been with GSF? 2 years
What do you like best about GSF? I feel like I am back at college with hard working athletes surrounding me. I never realized how much I missed warming up with other, seeing others work hard at their goals and being there when they succeed. It is encouraging and makes me work harder.
Favorite moment or experience you’ve had at GSF? Competing with a high school girl at box jumps. She beat me! But it was cool because she has no idea of her talent and I get to see her work through it. All she has to do is show up. It is great seeing her show up everyday and get better. I’ll beat her this year!

Favorite exercise or favorite workout? pull ups but I dont do them very much because it makes me pull on the hammer so next is squats.
Least favorite exercise or workout? Ugh! Anything on that bike.
What’s your pre-workout song? Dont need one
What’s your post-workout song? Country music

Superstitions/ quirks/ ticks? Lots of pasta before competition
Craziest thing you’ve done? I ran for 3hours nonstop listening to the same country song.
Funny/ painful/ crazy training moment? Doing power snatches and jamming the bar into my chin!!

Advice for your past self? Live for the now and find enjoyment on journey!
Advice for your future self? Its okay to not compete in track and field maybe you will like something else…like swimming :-)